Manure separation

In addition to various techniques for refining valuable components from manure, Circular Values also has various techniques for separating manure. A pre-separation of the manure in thick and thin fraction is required for an optimal processing of the manure in the Nitrogen Stripper or Osmosis Plants. Farmcubes Manure Separation is a modular concept, where (a combination of) different types of installations can be chosen to reach an optimal output. Products we can offer include:

  • Belt press
  • Dewatering Table
  • DAF-unit (Dissolved Air Flotation)
  • Polymaker

Farmcubes Belt press & Dewatering Table

The belt press is designed to remove water from sludge / manure by mechanical means. It uses gravity and forces generated by filter belts that are guided around the rollers with increasing pressure. The sludge / manure remains on the belt and the water is discharged. The process normally begins with the injection of polymer into the sludge / manure. The flocculated sludge / manure is fed through a main distributor onto the sieve belt press, which provides for an even distribution of the sludge across the entire working width of the belt where it is important to minimize flocculation.

The first phase of dewatering is the gravity zone for which so called chicane are placed that accelerate the dewatering in this phase and can drain the released water optimally because free dewatering trenches are created.

The thickened sludge/manure then makes the gentle transition to the next phase of dewatering: the wedge zone. In the wedge zone, pressure is applied to both the top and bottom of the sludge/manure by the gradual pressure build-up of two screening belts.

This phase of dewatering is intended to stabilize the sludge in preparation for the application of the high pressure zone.

The final dewatering stage is the high-pressure zone, where the highest allowable pressure for particular sludge / slurry is applied. The pressures are generated at this stage by conveying the sludge / slurry around a series of so-called press rolls.

The first two rolls are perforated because a lot of water is released here and can ( must ) be drained quickly, followed by the press rolls where the pressure force is further increased. The dewatered sludge / manure dissolves from the sieve belt and falls onto a ( not included in the delivery ) discharge belt or similar, then the belts are cleaned via a water spray lance.

Farmcubes DAF

The Farmcubes Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) unit separates the floating fines which come to the surface of the liquid. The fines are removed by dissolving air in the added water, recycled water or directly into the wastewater under pressure and then releasing the air at atmospheric pressure into a flotation tank or basin. The air forms small bubbles that adhere to the suspended matter causing the suspended material to begin to float to the surface of the water. This floating layer can then be removed with a rotary skimming scraper. A relatively simple technique with low operating costs but good results.

The Farmcubes DAF is available in units from 1 to 500 m3 per hour. The DAF units are built in a resin reinforced fiberglass construction to create a maximum area of application without the plant being affected by the medium. All metal parts in contact with the liquid are in SS316.

Farmcubes Polymaker

With the Farmcubes Polymaker, phosphates are bound to the solids in the digestate on the basis of coagulation and flocculation. Through coagulation, the suspended solids destabilize and start to clump together. This is done by adding iron trichloride. Flocculation turns the smaller flakes into a large flake, making it easy to separate. Flocculation is done by adding a custom-made polymer.

The polymer is prepared in the polymer station, where the polymer is mixed and matures before being added to the digestate.

Using the Polymaker, more solids can be removed in a follow-up separation step.

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