Reverse Osmosis

One way to process manure into mineral concentrate is by means of Reverse Osmosis. The Reverse Osmosis (RO) plant of Farmcubes works on the principle of membrane filtration using (high) pressure. Dissolved particles cannot pass through the membrane. These particles such as ions, viruses, bacteria and other dissolved substances are therefore stopped and end up in a concentrated stream. Only water is allowed to pass through the membrane. The outgoing streams from the process are therefore a mineral concentrate on the one hand and dischargeable "clean" water on the other. The mineral concentrate that remains may be used as a fertilizer substitute. 

The Farmcubes High Pressure Reverse Osmosis (HPRO) is modular which means that in addition to the pressure tube with membrane, the unit can also be supplied with various pre-filter systems and possibly a manure separator to separate the manure into thick fraction and thin fraction. Every Farmcubes HPRO also contains an optional automated Cleaning In Place (CIP) system, which cleans the membranes in the system itself.

A regular Farmcubes RO has a working pressure of 60 bar, but in some situations this is not enough to dewater the thin fraction sufficiently. In these cases we offer a specially developed Farmcubes High Pressure Reverse Osmosis (HPRO). This can be delivered in a variant with 100, 120 or 160 bar. The pressure tubes are manufactured to withstand these high pressures and the valves and measuring technology are of industrial quality. In addition to the working pressure, the RO plants are also available in different capacities. Due to the modular properties of the system, the capacity can be scaled up to suit your situation. High quality membranes are installed in the pressure tubes to achieve high dewatering and produce a clean permeate.

Interested in an (HP)RO system for your company?

Every (agricultural) company and every situation is different. That is why we would like to have a look with you at the type of installation that suits you best. Please contact us to find out about the possibilities! We will be happy to help you.

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