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A product from Circular Values


Farmcubes is Circular Values' modular concept for refining manure on the farm. Through Farmcubes, valuable components can be extracted from manure. Farmcubes is vooral bekend van de Quadro stikstofstrippers, waarmee melkveehouders stikstof uit mest kunnen terugwinnen en omzetten in hoogwaardige kunstmest en hiermee hun stikstofuitstoot kunnen reduceren.  De Farmcubes Quadro stikstofstripper was de eerste in zijn soort in Nederland. 

Currently, there are only complete all-in-one solutions for manure refining on the market. However, each farm is so specific that a complete and rigid system often does not fit or does not fit optimally. An all-in-one system increases production costs and often makes the systems unattainable for the average farmer. Farmcubes is different: it is a fully modular system that can be adapted to each farm's needs. It consists of three main elements, namely: mono-fermentation and refining of thick and thin fractions. Within each element, one can also choose to expand or simplify. This creates a menu on which everyone can fill in their wishes and the farmer only has to invest in the elements he/she actually needs. The modules can also be connected and disconnected with plug-and-play and in terms of operation they have been simplified as much as possible. 

With Farmcubes, we like to keep things simple, so the customer doesn't have to worry about installation and operation. Farmcubes are not only designed and developed by Circular Values, but they are also built, installed and made fully up-and-running by us. And after delivery, Farmcubes can always be monitored remotely, so that even in this phase the customer is always assured of an optimal working installation.

Farmcubes is the circular solution for dairy farms because it:

  • Provides balanced fertilization for healthy soil life
  • Reduces transport movements and therefore CO2 emissions
  • Eliminates the need for artificial fertilizer
  • Zorgt voor een aanzienlijke stikstofreductie
  • Maakt het bedrijf niet meer afhankelijk van derogatie
  • Is an economic solution for the dairy farmer.

Who are we?

About Circular Values BV

We are your partner in upgrading agricultural residuals. Circular Values provides concepts to refine organic residual streams to extract useful nutrients and/or fiber. Whether it is nitrogen, phosphate or other components.

Circular Values has developed several concepts to extract, both on a centralized and decentralized level, specific components from a product stream so that this product is much more compatible with the nearby environment. For example, Circular Values is the developer of the Farmcubes Quadro, the Netherlands' first solution for nitrogen refining. The separated "pure" component is high quality and more compatible with other cycles that can be closed with it. For the decentralized approach on the farm, Circular Values offers mostly solutions in modular systems so that it fits any type of farm and business operation. In this way, the livestock industry can also contribute greatly to the circular and biobased economie, waardoor zij zowel financieel als milieutechnisch duurzamer kan worden en minder afhankelijk van beperkingen door (milieu-)wetgeving, zoals bijvoorbeeld de EU-wetgeving voor derogatie van de Nitraatrichtlijn.

Would you like to discover what Farmcubes could mean for your business? Don't hesitate to contact us!